• Requires at least 2 years of driving experience
  • The tenant must have a valid driver’s license
Car rental restrictions and responsibilities
  • The tenant has the right to use car Lithuanian Republic (LR) area and, upon written consent of the Lessor, the Ministry of trips abroad.
  • The car can be driven only tenant and can not be transferred to third parties
  • Do not smoke in cars or carry pungent odor materials
  • If the car is damaged or broken by the tenant ‘s lease money for unused days will not be returned, in addition, landlord can refuse to provide a replacement car.
  • The tenant is responsible for violations of the car interior, external damage and must compensate the direct and indirect losses, damage to or loss of income in the Lessor.
  • In case of theft, do not arrive on the car documents and / or keys, the damage suffered, direct or indirect damages borne by the Tenant
  • The tenant must follow the other restrictions specified in the contract.
Bookings and car rentals
  • Reserved car you can contact us by e-mail or by phone.
  • Reserve the car only received an advance payment by bank transfer, and or cash.
  • Renting a car without a driver Imam advance deposit.
  • Terms of lease deposit Lithuania and abroad € 500